Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cider Smackers

Let me introduce to you the only cider flavored Lip Smackers in existence! Fresh Apple Cider debuted in the Back to School Lip refreshment collection in fall 2006. Not long after, my favorite, Apple Cranberry Cider made a brief but unforgettable appearance in the Holiday 2007 collection (can't believe that was 10 years ago!). Halloween 2008 brought us Apple Cider and later on for Holiday 2014, Bonne Bell's last official Lip Smacker holiday collection, Caramel Cider appeared in the Holiday Favorites beverage tin and was repromoted again in a different wrap for Holiday 2015.

Fresh Apple Cider and Apple Cider have an identical scent and flavor. It also reminds me of the Apple Lip Smacker that was around through the 1990s collection. I don't really get any cinnamon or spice notes in this but it is a nostalgic smell nonetheless. To me it smells like a red apple peel more than anything. 

Apple Cranberry Cider has been a staple of mine since it's release. It invokes a warm and luscious spiced apple with a tart cranberry counterpart, both very well balanced. Reminds of enjoying mulled spiced wine with friends on a cool, crisp fall evening. I have no idea why this was never released again. 

Caramel Cider has a beautiful deep golden brown stick and starts off a sweet caramel scent, a lot lighter than other caramel Lip Smackers. The apple cider comes through very well and both are balanced. I'd say the caramel to apple cider ratio is 60/40, overall a unique flavor. This is definitely different than the Caramel Apple Lip Smacker as Caramel Apple has a stronger caramel scent and a sour apple finish rather than apple cider. I'd say the caramel to sour apple ratio in CA is 70/30. I love the 2014 label on this too, it has those vintage candy sticks that you get at candy stores and fudge shops swirled around the tube and the details of the font and candy sticks are raised making it feel very well detailed and more special. Both Caramel Ciders are the same exact flavor and formula.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Lip Cafe Frappes

Summer is almost here and Lip Cafe Frappes have arrived from Lip Smacker. Lip Frappes are a fun novelty lip balm Lip Smacker released in concurrence with the Original and Best Coffee House party pack  that was released for January 2017.  The packaging on these are really cute for a novelty lip balm and look like a mini Frappuccino from Starbucks. When I heard a Cinnamon Churro flavor was on it's way I about lost it! I've dreamed of a cinnamon churro Lip Smacker ever since the original Cinnamon Sugar Lip Smacker was discontinued in the late 1990s. Much like most of the world who've tried the Cinnamon Sugar brought back in 2014, I was gravely disappointed with it's inaccurate flavor that smelled nothing like cinnamon sugar nor close to the original I fell in love with at first sniff Christmas of 1996. That being said, here are my thoughts of the five Lip Cafe Frappes flavors:

Pumpkin Spice- This smells like all pumpkin Lip Smackers they have brought out, nothing different about this one.
Vanilla Chai- To me, this smells identical to the Cinnamon Chai Latte Original and Best Lip Smacker from the Coffee House party pack. I don't smell chai at all, more of an herbal or even nutmeg note. It don't get the sweetness of vanilla either. 
Mocha Chip- An accurate sweet, chocolate-y mocha flavor that smells similar to the Mocha Frappe Lip Smacker from the Coffee House party pack. 
Caramel- Just like the Caramel Macchiato Lip Smacker, a good balance of caramel and coffee. 

AND drum roll...

Cinnamon Churro- I was really, REALLY anticipating this one (like REALLLLLY) and I regret to say this does not smell anything like a cinnamon churro in any way, shape or form. It smells like a softer version of Pumpkin Spice which DOES NOT SMELL LIKE A CINNAMON CHURRO. I even get a hint of the chai flavoring they use with a hint of coffee. A real bummer as I had HIGH expectations. I expected a sweet cinnamon sugar flavor with a soft hint of fried dough. Something that might smell similar to Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut/ Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (same scent) candles. Or like Smirnoffs Cinnamon Churro vodka, for those of you of age. It seems that cinnamon flavors are hard to crack for Markwins since 2014 and I am hopeful they care enough to get it right, sooner than later. Bonne Bell use to have thee BEST cinnamon formulas in the 90s and it seems they have been hidden in some mystic tomb far, far away.

Overall a really cute collection that I'd recommend picking up, especially if you like the sea of dome shaped lip balms out there now. These have a moisturizing formula that really does hydrate and protect.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oatmeal Cookie

   After waiting nearly 2 years, the Oatmeal Cookie Lip Smacker is FINALLY here! The anticipation was crucial but the flavor is a winner. One day, years ago, I got the brilliant idea that there needed to me an Oatmeal Cream Pie Lip Smacker after eating a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie snack and since was obsessed with the idea of this flavor being a Lip Smacker. Back in May 2015, Markwins gave us a sneak peek of Oatmeal Cookie on a Facebook post and the world went crazy! It was suppose to launch in August 2015, but never came out. After the incredibly long wait, it's finally here in all its glory.
  Oatmeal Cookie has a very buttery, warm brown sugar bakery flavor and is mouthwatering! Still trying to decide if I smell any raisin in this. It is sold as a single here and will be replacing Wild Raspberry in the Original and Best Party Pack for now.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Orange Sherbet

The Orange Sherbet Lip Smacker was first scooped into the Lip Smacker flavor family in 1978 and quickly became a classic! The incredibly authentic creamy treat smells like a Flintstone Push-Up sherbet pop but luckily lasts a little longer. Orange Sherbet reappeared as Orange Sh-Orbit in the 1990's Cosmic Lips line and more recently was brought back in 2013 for Lip Smackers 40th Birthday! In 2015 Orange Sh-Orbit resurfaced in the limited edition 1990s trio alongside Stellar Strawberry and Moon Rock Candy but smelled a little different than the familiar formula, moreso just plain orange. Do yourself a f(l)avor and pick up a few Orange Sherbet while you still can! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Coffee House Lip Smackers

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lip Smacker Vault

  During the holidays I was always SO excited to get a Lip Smacker cane or tin in my stocking (seriously my favorite part of opening gifts) but check out this 42 piece Lip Smacker Vault they surprised us with for Cyber Monday! Can you imagine being gifted with this!? It's very limited from what I am told, so grab it here while you can. There are 36 Original & Best (some novelty, vintage and cupcake) Lip Smackers and 6 Biggies! Here is the breakdown of what comes in it:

Original & Best singles: 
Vanilla, Watermelon, Dr. Pepper, Berry Peach, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Tropical Punch, Mango, Strawberry Cotton Candy, Kiwi, Wild Raspberry, Orange Sherbet, Pina Colada, Strawberry Cheesecake, Ice Cream Cake, Strawberry Watermelon, Cookie Dough, Strawberry Vanilla, Strawberry Glaze, Strawberry Frosting, Strawberry Banana, Sour Apple, Sour Grapes, Cinnamon Sugar, Caramel Corn, Grape Jelly, Ice Cream Sandwich, Red Velvet, Berry Buttercream, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Sprinkle, Cherry Snow Cone, Blueberry Pancake, Maple Bacon, Salted Pretzel

Cotton Candy, Vanilla Cream Soda, Watermelon, Dr. Pepper, Strawberry, Black Cherry

This is a great way to stock up on all of your favorites for yourself, buy it for a fellow Lip Smacker/lip balm fiend or break them up and add them onto multiple gifts and keep the vault for your own Lip Smacker storage.  I know any one I know doesn't go without getting a Lip Smacker added on to their gift ;). I hope next year Markwins will add exclusive flavors you can only get in the vault. 

                                                  (Front and back of the box the Vault comes in)

Chocolate Hazelnut

 In 2014, Lip Smacker released a special-edition rotating flavor every 3 months (quarterly), giving us brand-new, never before done Lip Smacker flavors. Chocolate Hazelnut appeared late that fall in all its Nutella inspired decadent glory. Leave it up to Lip Smacker to be the first to innovate a Nutella-esque flavor to tempt you to wear on your lips all day- no more dipping a spoon it the jar! Chocolate Hazelnut is a rich and creamy flavor and a good balance of both chocolate and hazelnut, very true to its namesake. Although it is no longer sold in stores, I wouldn't be surprised to see it make a reappearance in future collections as I don't see the Nutella trend going anywhere any time soon.