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Candy Apple

The Candy Apple Lip Smacker sweetened the Lip Smacker family for holiday 1977 in its original Biggy size. After Sugar Plum was an instant favorite, I'm certain the folks at Bonne Bell quickly dreamt of many more candied and sugared fruits to introduce into a Lip Smacker. Candy Apple was a staple in the 1970's original Lip Smacker line-up but wasn't repromoted again until holiday 1985, also in a Biggy but with a bubble font and came with a string to wear as a necklace so you don't go anywhere without it! Not again until 2006, Candy Apple made an appearance in the back to school Snacktime Favorites collection, almost 20 years after its last release.

In 2012 the familiar flavor reappeared dressed in a Disney Pluto wrap and again in 2014 with the Queen of Hearts from the Disney Villains Halloween Lip Smacker collection. As of recent Candy Apple has been repromoted more frequently. Right before Bonne Bell sold to Markwins in 2015 they released the decade trios and Candy Ap…

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