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Lippy Pals

Lippy Pals were introduced at the beginning of this year starting off with five cute and cuddly critters in delectable flavors. One of the first products that I can say seems very Bonne Bell of the new owners to do making them review worthy. I know most remember the deeply adored Pet Pals Lip Smackers from the Smackers Friendship Collectibles and these remind me of them immediately. How cute would it be to see some old friends make an appearance like Muffin the Monkey, Arctic the Polar Bear, Cupcake the Cat and Sweet the Dog in the Lippy Pal format?
Four more furry flavor friends are hitting stores as we speak bringing this collection to a total of nine Lippy Pals and I'm hoping to see many more down the line. Not only are the the flavors done well but the details on each animal are so cute. The ears, eyes, noses and tails add unique characteristics to each cutie. I also LOVE the Candyland theme on the blistered packaging!
Since these seemed novelty I wasn't sure what to expec…

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