Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Herself the Elf

Somewhere around 1982-1983 Bonne Bell released a small collection of Herself the Elf Lip Smackers. Two flavors I know of are Wild Berry and Bubble Gum. If anyone knows any more information, or has pictures, please send them my way!

The Lip Smacker Strawberry Patch

All hail The Queen of Lip Smacker Land! Strawberry!!! The flavor that started it all back in 1973. (Random fact; The original Strawberry Lip Smacker is the only Lip Smacker that has only a fragrance, not a flavor!)  Strawberry is probably the MOST popular flavor of lip gloss out there, thanks to Bonne Bell! And there's more where that came from!  There is about EVERY flavor of Strawberry one could ask for in the collection. Even makes Miss Shortcake herself, green with envy! About every collection of Lip Smackers usually promise some sort of strawberry flavor. In the 90's Bonne Bell ran an ad that read, " How do you like your Strawberry?". And that my friend leads me to the question, how do you like your Strawberry? I much prefer Strawberry Cheesecake, Fanta Strawberry, Cool Strawberry Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Grapefruit (Liquid) and Strawberry Cupcake from holiday 2005. Moral of the story is, you can never go wrong with a strawberry Lip Smacker, however it is you like it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sent from above

The Holy Lip Smacker, Angelic Cake. Sent from above for the 2008 Holiday collection, this Smacker is indeed a classic! Angelic Cake smells JUST like Angel Food and couldn't be any more truer! The shiny wrap features snowflakes with various pink and yellow dots. The balm itself is a clear pink. If you can get your hands on one, you MUST, and if you have it already you better count your blessings!


Yes, your lip gloss will be poppin', literally! The Caramel Corn Lip Smacker was first introduced to the Lip Smacker family back in 1976 in original Biggy form. Not until years later, as of 2010 to be exact, it appeared in the beloved holiday Lip Smacker collection! Let me just tell you that I love a lot of different Lip Smacker flavors, a lot! But this has to be my hands down, favorite flavor! The flavor is a rich, buttery caramel, with an almost nutty undertone and a nice light popcorn finish. This is so true to actual caramel corn, you might get confused and expect to find a toy inside ;) Bonne Bell re-introduced this as Caramel Popcorn Drizzle for holiday 2010, and it features the cutest little teddy bear holding the classic popcorn tin that you might gift around the season. I would love for this to be added to the original line again. I did stock up quite a bit when this was out again, but still.

Can I buy this by the case too...?

  When Bonne Bell first introduced the Coca-Cola Lip Smacker collection back in 2006, Vanilla Coke wasn't quite ready for its big debut yet. It didn't appear until late 2007 and ever since then my lips have bubbled with delight! Vanilla Coca-Cola can be found in the original stick form, a Rolly, a Liquid and now a sponge-on gloss that dazzles with a golden shimmer! All with the carbon copy flavor of yes, you guessed it, it's namesake. They nailed the flavor on the head, like they do with almost every Lip Smacker, with this one. If you don't have it, wait no longer and head on down to your favorite store and pick up this beauty in the Coca-Cola party pack!!!

No bowl or cone required

The Rum 'n Raisin Lip Smacker. Not your typical flavor, but tasty indeed! Rum 'n Raisin was introduced back with the original collection in the 1970's. I want to say this was introduced in 1978, but please correct me if I'm wrong. This might not be on everyones top list of flavors they want, but I assure you once you get a whiff, it's the real deal! I would be VERY excited to see this creamy treat make a comeback! Can I just say I totally dig the font on this one too! I love anything retro looking and this definitely showcases the decade it was introduced. Please bring this rare gem back, Bonne Bell, PLEASE!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate covered kisses

    The ol' candy man Mr.Wonka would be proud and envious. The Cherry Chocolate first shined back in 1976 as a holiday flavor, along with Chocolate Mint, Sugar Plum and Peppermint. Luckily, Bonne Bell understood how tasty it was and brought it out of hiding! I about fainted when I saw the liquid counterpart they made as well! It is now Julius' Chocolate Cherry and a part of the Paul Frank collection. It smells heavenly, just like chocolate covered cherries. Dare I say it's tastier than the real thing?


Here's a crush that won't break your heart. (okay, okay...sorry) The Orange Crush Lip Smacker. And Grape Crush. And Strawberry Crush. And at one point, Cherry Crush was also available. Orange Crush smashed its way into the Lip Smacker family in 1979, following closely behind with Grape Crush, Strawberry Crush, and Cherry Crush. Somewhere along the way in the 80's they fizzled out, leaving everyone to settle for the Orange Pop Lip Smacker that was always hiding behind Orange Crushs' shadow. (Which was JUST as tasty!) NO FEAR! Bonne Bell relaunched these babies back in 2003 and Grape Crush has been in my pocket or somewhere near ever since! Strawberry Crush made a comeback in 2010 in the Dr Pepper & friends Party Pack. They also liquidfied the popular flavor this year, in a cute soda pop bottle. (At Target, btw) So whos lips out there pitter patter for the Crush Smackers!?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Peachy...

Peach Lip Smacker circa 1976 above & 2011 below

Oh my, Peach Lip Smacker, how've you grown up! I haven't seen the original Peach Lip Smacker last, since the early 00's when it was discontinued. Now they do make Berry Peach nowadays, but it just isn't the same. I used to ADORE this flavor and to my surprise when I was breezing through the store the other day, low and behold I came across a Peach LIQUID Lip Smacker! I was smiling ear to ear! AND it smells JUST like the ORIGINAL!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easter 2011 Lip Smackers!!!

I was shopping at Meijer and ran into these little gems! They had 2 eggs with 3 Lip Smackers in them. Flavors; Mint Cremes, Candy Strawberries, Sugar Cookie Icing, Orange Creme Egg, Easter Cake, and Pink Bubble Gum. They all smell lip smacking! I'm digging the Mint Cremes, Easter Cake, and Orange Creme Egg. Although Christmas Lip Smackers are always my favorite seasonal Smackers, It's always fun to get  ANY NEW Lip Smacker ;) I kinda feel like each Easter, Bonne Bell typically brings out flavors that are very similar to years prior. I'm also wondering if Target will get any exclusive flavors or Biggies like they typically do. I would LOVE a Jelly Bean Biggie (hint, hint) ;) Happy hunting chicks!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lip Smacker block logo

Hello friends! I hope the weekend is filled with lots of relaxing and your lips are slathered with luscious Lip Smackers, of course! I found a really cool blog from a lady who designed the now defunct Lip Smacker block logo. If any of you did not know, the Lip Smacker logo used now is a familiar, say, throw-back to the original logo used. I personally LOVE the 'new' logo, and to see Bonne Bell went back to Lip Smackers origins. This is still a very fun and informal story about how they came about using the Lip Smacker block logo...enjoy!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1977 Lip Smacker ad

Where's the bread?

I picked up this dynamic duo somewhere around 1995-1996. Although Grape Jelly stuck around for a couple years after Peanut Butter, it soon, too,  joined the vault of forgetten Lip Smacker treats. Grape Jelly mysteriously made it's way into the Holiday 2006 Lip Smacker collection as 'Jolly Jelly', so you bet I stocked up on it!

The Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker!

Lip Smackers today sport some delicious candy flavors like Skittles, Starburst and M&M's! Long before the Mars Inc. partnership, there was the Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker, appearing shortly after the Tootsie Roll and Good & Plenty Lip Smackers! Launched in 1978, Bit-O-Honey quickly disappeared off of drugstore shelves and since has yet to resurface. Although Bit-O-Honey may not be the trendiest candy around nowadays, it sure is DELICIOUS and STILL Lip Smacker worthy! Why not give it another try Bonne Bell? For old times sake...?

Latest faves...

Hello Lip Smacker lovers! What's your NEWEST favorite flavor you've bought lately? Mine is a toss up between Julius' Rainbow Sherbet, and Julius' Chocolate Cherry from the recent Paul Frank additions I've purchased at Target. Speaking of PF, my other two favorites from the line are Spicoli's Spumoni and Worry Bear's Honey Sweet. What the latest flavor you've bought and LOVE?

Image courtesy of http://www.colorandflavorshop.com/