Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easter 2011 Lip Smackers!!!

I was shopping at Meijer and ran into these little gems! They had 2 eggs with 3 Lip Smackers in them. Flavors; Mint Cremes, Candy Strawberries, Sugar Cookie Icing, Orange Creme Egg, Easter Cake, and Pink Bubble Gum. They all smell lip smacking! I'm digging the Mint Cremes, Easter Cake, and Orange Creme Egg. Although Christmas Lip Smackers are always my favorite seasonal Smackers, It's always fun to get  ANY NEW Lip Smacker ;) I kinda feel like each Easter, Bonne Bell typically brings out flavors that are very similar to years prior. I'm also wondering if Target will get any exclusive flavors or Biggies like they typically do. I would LOVE a Jelly Bean Biggie (hint, hint) ;) Happy hunting chicks!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lip Smacker block logo

Hello friends! I hope the weekend is filled with lots of relaxing and your lips are slathered with luscious Lip Smackers, of course! I found a really cool blog from a lady who designed the now defunct Lip Smacker block logo. If any of you did not know, the Lip Smacker logo used now is a familiar, say, throw-back to the original logo used. I personally LOVE the 'new' logo, and to see Bonne Bell went back to Lip Smackers origins. This is still a very fun and informal story about how they came about using the Lip Smacker block logo...enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1977 Lip Smacker ad

Where's the bread?

I picked up this dynamic duo somewhere around 1995-1996. Although Grape Jelly stuck around for a couple years after Peanut Butter, it soon, too,  joined the vault of forgetten Lip Smacker treats. Grape Jelly mysteriously made it's way into the Holiday 2006 Lip Smacker collection as 'Jolly Jelly', so you bet I stocked up on it!

The Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker!

Lip Smackers today sport some delicious candy flavors like Skittles, Starburst and M&M's! Long before the Mars Inc. partnership, there was the Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker, appearing shortly after the Tootsie Roll and Good & Plenty Lip Smackers! Launched in 1978, Bit-O-Honey quickly disappeared off of drugstore shelves and since has yet to resurface. Although Bit-O-Honey may not be the trendiest candy around nowadays, it sure is DELICIOUS and STILL Lip Smacker worthy! Why not give it another try Bonne Bell? For old times sake...?

Latest faves...

Hello Lip Smacker lovers! What's your NEWEST favorite flavor you've bought lately? Mine is a toss up between Julius' Rainbow Sherbet, and Julius' Chocolate Cherry from the recent Paul Frank additions I've purchased at Target. Speaking of PF, my other two favorites from the line are Spicoli's Spumoni and Worry Bear's Honey Sweet. What the latest flavor you've bought and LOVE?

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