Easter 2011 Lip Smackers!!!

I was shopping at Meijer and ran into these little gems! They had 2 eggs with 3 Lip Smackers in them. Flavors; Mint Cremes, Candy Strawberries, Sugar Cookie Icing, Orange Creme Egg, Easter Cake, and Pink Bubble Gum. They all smell lip smacking! I'm digging the Mint Cremes, Easter Cake, and Orange Creme Egg. Although Christmas Lip Smackers are always my favorite seasonal Smackers, It's always fun to get  ANY NEW Lip Smacker ;) I kinda feel like each Easter, Bonne Bell typically brings out flavors that are very similar to years prior. I'm also wondering if Target will get any exclusive flavors or Biggies like they typically do. I would LOVE a Jelly Bean Biggie (hint, hint) ;) Happy hunting chicks!


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