Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

 Two of my favorites from this years 2016 Easter collection, Nutty Brittle and Lemon Tart Surprise, from a huge collection this year totaling 15 original flavors and 12 Disney Lip Smackers! I like the idea of Nutty Brittle more than I like the actual finalized flavor they brought out. To me,  it's a mix of Horchata and the Disney Evie-Baked Muffin. I detect no nutty undertone, only the sweet (maybe) brittle part. Maybe next time around? I'd love some authentic nut flavors! Lemon Tart Surprise is the amazing Lemon Square renamed (practically the same dessert anyway), which is a luscious lemon tart flavor. A perfect mix of sweet and tart! It's the delicious type of lemon they use, too, not the one they're using for everything lately that smells like lemon ice (Frozen Lemonade, Evilly Delicious Punch, Sour Lemon, Berry Happy, etc.) I'd love for them to do a Biggy with this formula!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sin-namon Stick

This right here folks is what inspired my love for all things cinnamon flavored- this and the 90's Cinnamon Sugar Lip Smacker! The Cinnamon Stick Sponge-On Sparkler was everything and more; a moisturizing, shimmery gloss with the most delicious cinnamon flavor I've EVER owned in a lip gloss. Cinnamon Stick smelled just like Red Hots candy and wasn't too spicy (pretty mild actually) nor did it smell at all potpourri-ish that I find in a lot of cinnamon flavors nowadays. They surely don't make them like they use to! I will forever keep the Cinnamon Stick Sponge-On Sparkler near and dear to my heart and will remain hopeful that one day Markwins will dig deep into flavors past and bring it back. Whether it be in a gloss or a regular Lip Smacker. If you're wondering, the more recent Inside Out OutRAGEous Cinnamon Lip Smacker featuring Anger is not close to this at all. I find a lot of cinnamon flavors Markwins has brought out lately (the recent Cinnamon Sugar, Cinnamon Swirl, OutRAGEous Cinnamon, Horchata) to be very lackluster and need to be reformulated.

Cotton Candy Cake

The sweet, sugary, cake-y Cotton Candy Cake Lip Smacker whirled onto the scene in the holiday 2001 collection and cotton candies haven't been the same since! I get asked all the time if there are current flavors that are possibly Cotton Candy Cake reincarnated, but there definitely IS NOT. This formula flavor hasn't been used since the Cotton Candy Cheer Clip 'n Go Smackers and the Cool Cotton Candy Sun Smackers, back around the early 2000's. This is not close to Original Cotton Candy whatsoever, either, it's a very different cotton candy formula and the cake part is equally as obvious. I'd love for Markwins to dig deep into their flavor formulas they inherited from Bonne Bell and think long and hard about bringing it back! Only if the original formula is used, too.

Let's be clear on Éclair

The Éclair Lip Smacker debuted around 2000 in the Pet Pals Friendship duos. There were quite a few duos. Each Smackersville character was featured with their pet in a Lip Smacker duo along with a key chain topper of each pet. Éclair, the cute koala, was featured with original Strawberry wearing a limited edition label as well. Other duos included Bubble Gum & SugarStarberry & Moon Rock Candy, Wild Berry Muffin & Starfruit, Arctic Mint & Wild Raspberry, Rainbow Candy & Watermelon and Cupcake & Candy Confetti
Éclair was one of my favorites and very rare. To me, Éclair was a sweet chocolate flavor that reminded me of Tootsie Rolls, very close to the original, and definitely different than other Bonne Bell chocolate formulas. For holiday 2001, Bonne Bell featured a Strawberry Éclair flavor along with five other Pet Pal favorites in a special edition holiday tin, that was available exclusively at Walmart. Strawberry Éclair was a luscious strawberry chocolate flavor the was also utterly decadent.  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Uncola

  With the 40th Birthday celebration of Lip Smackers, in 2013, Aspire Brands/ Bonne Bell released quite a few old favorites as well as originals in vintage packaging. The Dr Pepper Biggy along with the Orange Crush vintage trio were more accessible in stores than this rare 7UP trio (sans a nail polish). I'll be reviewing more vintage labels they've done and would LOVE for Markwins to do more!

From the archives

                                                     (Target store ad, December 1978)  

Kissing Sticks

   Normally, you won't see me talk about anything on here other than Lip Smackers. Being one for nostalgia, I can't help but mention this revival of Kissing Sticks, by Tinte Cosmetics. For those who aren't familiar, Kissing Sticks were originally made by Maybelline in the 1970's along with the notorious Kissing Potion flavored roll-on lip gloss,  Kissing Slicks flavored sponge-on lip gloss and much later in the 1980's, Kissing Koolers swirled lip balms. These were much more exciting than the current Baby Lips line that leaves a lot to be desired, at least for me. Most who remember Bonne Bell Lip Smackers when they first came out, also remember the Kissing lines of lip products. Tinte Cosmetics recently relaunched Kissing Sticks in their original, beautiful packaging. I really like all three flavors I purchased; Cotton Candy, Banana Coconut and Peppermint and I am excited to try more! The Cotton Candy smells so authentic and just like a stick of spun sugar from the county fair, very different from other cotton candy formulas I've tried. Peppermint offers a slight red tint and a minty tingle. I expected Banana Coconut to be more like tanning lotion but it reminds me of Circus Peanuts candy, still good. These offer a buttery moisturizing balm, in an array of tasty flavors, available here. Rumor has it that Tinte Cosmetics is also reviving the famous Kissing Potions as well! Check out this vintage Kissing Potion commercial here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dandy Candy

I must say I love a wide array of Lip Smacker flavors, but I have a HUGE soft spot for the sweet flavors! Whether it's candy, ice cream or any kind of delectable dessert flavor, I jump for joy when I see new sweet confections released. The Maple Nut Lip Smacker and Butter Rum Lip Smacker were released for Holiday 1977,  along side returning favorites Sugar Plum and Peppermint who debuted the holiday prior, all in original Biggy form. Both delicious flavors were limited edition and still have yet to make a comeback, almost 39 years after their first debut. I know I've heard many discuss Butter Rum and I myself would love to see Markwins bring it back this holiday, or sooner! Here's to hoping!

Dazzling Duos

 This dazzling duo shimmered onto the scene for Holiday 2002 and was exclusively at Target. They came with a dream catcher and a sparkling Cosmic Cheeks Gel. There were two sets, above; Candy Cane Frost and Berry Twinkle, below; Raspberry Melon Glimmer and Strawberry Shimmer. Very rare to come across these gems! This was the amazing, cooling, strong candy cane formula Bonne Bell use to use that I know many of us loved and miss dearly. That same formula hasn't been seen since it's last appearance in the Holiday 2005 set.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Breezy, baby!

As refreshing as an ice cold sun tea on a warm summers day, Breezy Tea-zy sure does live up to its name. This is the 1st official rendering of a tea flavored Lip Smacker to date. Breezy-Tea-zy reminds me of sweet sun tea with fresh-squeezed lemons and is very refreshing I might add. I know many of you have been wanting a tea flavor for years now. If you don't have this yet, RUN over to or your local Rite-Aid, Giant Eagle or Kmart (where I've seen these) and grab the Tropical Party Pack pronto! Breezy-Tea-zy is featured alongside Grapefruit Delight, Tiki Tangerine, Passion Fruit Island, Coco Cabana, Sunset Peach, Pina Colada and Mango Mix. I will be reviewing my other favorites from this collection as well so stay tuned!

Sugar & Spice

One of my very favorites, besides Caramel Corn, is Cinnamon Sugar. I fell head over heels for it back in the 1990's when Bonne Bell released it for Holiday 1996. Shortly after it appeared as a single along side long standing favorites on store shelves everywhere. I literally bought tons of tubes during its release before it slowly disappeared somewhere around 1999, not to be seen for another 15 years when it was re-released (with CARAMEL CORN among other old and new favorites, see collection below) in 2014. Sadly, the 2014 version is unrecognizable as it's Cinnamon Sugar namesake. Nothing like the original and nothing like cinnamon sugar. I beg and plead with Markwins to bring back the original flavor formula or at least something more accurate! (PLEASE!!!)

It's been awhile...

  Hello my fellow Lip Smacker lovers! It's been a while, but it's time to dust this off and bring it back to LIFE! There has been quite a few changes in the last 5 years; as many of you know Aspire Brands/Bonne Bell announced that they sold their brands, both Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker, to Markwins Beauty Inc. in January 2015. With that comes lots of changes with a few bumps a long the way. As long as they continue to make Lip Smackers in the USA, not change old formulas as well as come out with new flavors, I will continue to be a devoted fan. I will be reviewing some of my favorites from the last 5 years, since we last talked, as well as brand spankin' new flavors and OF COURSE, vintage old 'flavorites' from decades past. Here's to lots of delicious flavors to come!

Above is the much coveted Oatmeal Cookie Lip Smacker (I've been waiting YEARS for an Oatmeal Cookie flavor) that was initially suppose to launch in September 2015, but never did. Lip Smacker has confirmed that it is still coming out, THANKFULLY, but there has not been a date set for its re-launch. I will keep you informed the minute I hear anything!