Cotton Candy Cake

The sweet, sugary, cake-y Cotton Candy Cake Lip Smacker whirled onto the scene in the holiday 2001 collection and cotton candies haven't been the same since! I get asked all the time if there are current flavors that are possibly Cotton Candy Cake reincarnated, but there definitely IS NOT. This formula flavor hasn't been used since the Cotton Candy Cheer Clip 'n Go Smackers and the Cool Cotton Candy Sun Smackers, back around the early 2000's. This is not close to Original Cotton Candy whatsoever, either, it's a very different cotton candy formula and the cake part is equally as obvious. I'd love for Markwins to dig deep into their flavor formulas they inherited from Bonne Bell and think long and hard about bringing it back! Only if it's the original formula is used too.


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