Let's be clear on Éclair

The Éclair Lip Smacker debuted around 2000 in the collectible Pet Pals Friendship duos. Each Smackersville character was featured with their pet in a Lip Smacker duo along with a key chain topper of each pet. Éclair, the cute koala, was featured with original Strawberry wearing a limited edition label as well. Other duos included Bubble Gum & SugarStarberry & Moon Rock Candy, Wild Berry Muffin & Starfruit, Arctic Mint & Wild Raspberry, Rainbow Candy & Watermelon, Cupcake & Candy Confetti and Kiwi Squeeze & Passion Fruit
Éclair was one of my favorites and very rare. Éclair is a sweet chocolate with a little added something, that reminds me of Tootsie Rolls, very close to the original Tootsie Roll Lip Smacker from the 70's and definitely different than other Bonne Bell chocolate formulas. 
For holiday 2001, Bonne Bell featured a Strawberry Éclair, a decadent strawberry chocolate dessert flavor, along with five other Pet Pal favorites in a special edition holiday tin that was available exclusively at Walmart. 


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