Let's be clear on Éclair

The Éclair Lip Smacker debuted around 2000 in the Pet Pals Friendship duos. There were quite a few duos. Each Smackersville character was featured with their pet in a Lip Smacker duo along with a key chain topper of each pet. Éclair, the cute koala, was featured with original Strawberry wearing a limited edition label as well. Other duos included Bubble Gum & SugarStarberry & Moon Rock Candy, Wild Berry Muffin & Starfruit, Arctic Mint & Wild Raspberry, Rainbow Candy & Watermelon and Cupcake & Candy Confetti
Éclair was one of my favorites and very rare. To me, Éclair was a sweet chocolate flavor that reminded me of Tootsie Rolls, very close to the original, and definitely different than other Bonne Bell chocolate formulas. For holiday 2001, Bonne Bell featured a Strawberry Éclair flavor along with five other Pet Pal favorites in a special edition holiday tin, that was available exclusively at Walmart. Strawberry Éclair was a luscious strawberry chocolate flavor the was also utterly decadent.  


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