Sin-namon Stick

This right here folks is what inspired my love for all things cinnamon flavored- this and the 90's Cinnamon Sugar Lip Smacker! The Cinnamon Stick Sponge-On Sparkler was everything and more; a moisturizing, shimmery gloss with the most delicious cinnamon flavor I've EVER owned in a lip gloss. Cinnamon Stick smelled just like Red Hots candy and wasn't too spicy (pretty mild actually) nor did it smell at all potpourri-ish that I find in a lot of cinnamon flavors nowadays. They surely don't make them like they use to! I will forever keep the Cinnamon Stick Sponge-On Sparkler near and dear to my heart and will remain hopeful that one day Markwins will dig deep into flavors past and bring it back. Whether it be in a gloss or a regular Lip Smacker. If you're wondering, the more recent Inside Out OutRAGEous Cinnamon Lip Smacker featuring Anger is not close to this at all. I find a lot of cinnamon flavors Markwins has brought out lately (the recent Cinnamon Sugar, Cinnamon Swirl, OutRAGEous Cinnamon, Horchata) to be very lackluster and need to be reformulated.


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