Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Black Cherry

The dark and luscious Black Cherry Lip Smacker joined the original Lip Smacker line-up sometime in the late 1970's (date TBD). The sweet and succulent Smacker had quite a fan club of its own during its original release in the late 70's, that it's still a mystery why it took so long to stage a comeback. Luckily, in 2014, Bonne Bell/Aspire Brands brought it back after decades of hiding in the darkness, in the Flashback Favorites Biggy trio, along with Vanilla Cream Soda and Dr Pepper. Black Cherry was dressed to impress in a very familiar and stunning vintage wrap, paying homage to its original get-up. You can still purchase the trio today at Target, Rite Aid and Kmart or individually, here.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Finding Dory

   Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming Finding Dory Lip Smackers collection in celebration of Finding Dory hitting theaters on June 17th, 2016. Thanks to an amazing friend and reader for this phenomenal find! Flavors will include:
         -Gummy Bait
         -Starfish Cookie
         -Tropical Tidal Wave Treat
         -Sea Salted Pretzel
         -Fish Out of Water-melon Pop
         -Blue Tang Berry

These should be hitting stores very soon, I will update with details as soon as I hear more about exact stores carrying these. I imagine they will make their way to www. lipsmacker.com as well!

UPDATE: There have been many sightings in Walgreen's for this collection, so make sure to check your local Walgreen's store, in cosmetics of course! Thank you readers for sharing and letting me know!

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I know eggnog is not in season, but the Eggnog Lip Smacker will always be! Eggnog joined the original Lip Smacker line-up for holiday 1977. A sweet and creamy, nutmeg infused holiday staple that was featured as a single and also part of a Biggy cane. Biggy canes came with 5 BIGGY Lip Smackers, similar to how the mini trio canes come today (although they weren't called 'Biggy's' back then)! Can you imagine! Take note, Markwins.

 Eggnog didn't make a comeback until holiday 2011. (Can you believe that the flavor gods at Bonne Bell kept it hidden from us for so long?!) Holiday 2011 brought us Chilled Eggnog and more recently holiday 2014 and 2015 as Whipped Eggnog. A light, creamy-sweet, nutmeg flavor. Still available on Lip Smackers website, here.


    Around 2001, Bonne Bell released LiXtreme. A sporty, SPF 24, non-tinted cousin of the Lip Lix family. LiXtreme lip balms were available in 4 flavors: Wild Strawberry, Power Punch, Raspberry Riptide and Boardin' Berry. I was CRAZY over these! Not only were the caps amazing, the flavors were all delicious. The Wild Strawberry was exactly like strawberry Sour Punch Straws candy, minus the sour. Power Punch was a delicious fruity punch with an obvious tangerine and soft coconut that come through. Raspberry Riptide reminded me of the Rocket Pop Flip Gloss they did, a sharp blue raspberry flavor and Boardin' Berry was a berry punch flavor. There are no current Lip Smacker flavors that are dupes of these and there really have never been. These were around for too short of a time and I cherish the two I have left which are thankfully still holding their scent!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Strawberry Sundae

  As you know, Lip Smacker is and has always been the queen of delicious strawberry flavors. 
The sweet and ultra-rare Strawberry Sundae Lip Smacker first appeared on the scene around 1996-1997 in a special strawberry promotion, alongside Strawberry Chocolate and Strawberry Banana. While Strawberry Banana stayed for the long-run and joined the original line-up, Strawberry Chocolate and Strawberry Sundae remained limited edition and still have yet to be released again. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Chocolate Milk and Chocolate were two 90's staples! Neither made it out of the 90's (sadly), but there have been many chocolate flavors since. I have not seen either formula redone and passed off as something else, believe it or not. Fun fact: I've heard from quite a few sources that Britney Spears absolutely adored the Chocolate Lip Smacker!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


The Smackers Smoochie!

Many of us remember Club Smackers that started back in the early 90's, that introduced us to the World of Smackers! It's been years since Club Smackers ended but I'm excited to announce that Markwins is introducing something just as exciting, the Smoochie Club! Get this amazing lanyard (and check out the 90's style caps with keychain holes!) with 3 favorite Lip Smackers for a limited time! Sign up here, pronto! Here's more details;

                Join the Club! As a VIP member of the Smoochie Club, get access to:
•        Three complimentary Lip Smackers + a limited edition Lip Smacker lanyard when you sign up! 
                        * April 8th - April 30th 2016 only *
•        Tons of discounts and exclusive offers!
•        Free gift on your birthday
•        Vote on your favorite flavor
•        Suggest NEW flavors of your own
•        This is YOUR fan forum and we want to hear from YOU!

And for a throwback...

                                      (Back issues of Smackers magazine from Club Smackers)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Smoothie moves

Rolling right off the assembly line and right onto store displays are 6 brand-new Smoothie Chillerz Lip Smackers. The Smoothie Chillerz deliver a refreshing, cooling sensation on the lips. Joining the line-up of 8 that launched back in January are;

My Cherry Amour- A tart and tangy cherry-orange flavor. The orange is a little more obvious than the cherry when it's on the lips, making it smell more punchy. It's a strong satsuma orange, too.

Pineapple Splash- DELICIOUS! Just like the original Pineapple Smacker! Not getting any apple but I will update if it comes through more.

Watermelon Twist- Another winner! Although light, it's a watermelon lemonade flavor. So refreshing and reminiscent of the ever-so-popular Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade line. Very different than the original Watermelon Lip Smacker, but still great and the lemon makes it even more unique.

All Peachy- Just like the name implies, ALL peach; just like the original Peach Lip Smacker and the most recent Peach Sunset (same formula). 

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S- Pretty much the same formula as the Banana Berry Skittles Smacker- still great!

Fruity Fun- As someone who isn't a fan of none-descriptive flavor names, still a good flavor; it has strawberries, pomegranates and either blueberries or acai berries on the label. It reminds me of the current original Red Raspberry formula with a bright but light citrus notes, not orange-y though.

These are available now and sold as singles at Rite Aid and Kmart as well as on www.lipsmacker.com. Below are the first 8 Smoothie Chillerz that launched back in January.

Jamaican Me Berry Crazy - Smells like red Swedish Fish/ Sour Patch Kids Redberry candy!

Mango Madness- Smells like a lighter version of original mango-very juicy.

 Pomegranate Zing- Although it has passion fruits and no pomegranates on the wrap, this a definitely a pomegranate only flavor, more smooth than tart pomegranate.

Honeydew Kiwi- A very fruity flavor- I smell more kiwi than honeydew, but they both come through pretty strong.

Coco Loco- Honestly, my least favorite- I get a minty coconut and not in a good way. Not very well executed.

 Citrus Squeeze- Love this one- very different than any oranges or lemons Lip Smacker currently makes. I get a tart and bubbly lime, lemon and orange in this. Very refreshing!

Oh Mai Acai- Not what I was expecting, almost a sweet blue raspberry flavor but it also makes me think fruity cotton candy. I always think acai smells similar to blueberries in many flavors and scents.

 Vanilla Orange Zest- Very much like all Lip Smacker creamsicle flavors (the more recent Cream Pop, Orange Cream Egg, etc.).

Flashback: Holiday 2005

Holiday 2005 featured a whimsical whirl of sweet treats! Being a HUGE fan of the holiday collections every year, this one sure was memorable! Starting from the top;

 Holiday Berry- A spiced cranberry blend; they've used this formula regularly for the holidays disguised with different names: Sparkling Cranberry (holiday 2008), Winter Berries (holiday 2011) are the same.

Berry Cream Pie- Reminded me of the original Berry Jelly Donut Lip Smacker, with a little more chocolatey undertone, but light.

Whipped Cream- Very similar to the more recent Holiday Frosting from holiday 2009.

 Strawberry Cupcake- Love this version, a very decadent strawberry cake flavor, Strawberry Sprinkle is the same formula.

Candy Cane -That strong, cool and tingly peppermint many of us love and miss- they definitely haven't used this formula since this collection.

 Sugar Plum- Very different than the original Sugar Plum we all know, this wasn't nearly as sweet and had a more soft plum smell. This was good but I prefer original Sugar Plum still.

Gum Drop Candy- Loved this flavor! If you were a fan of the 90's Gummy Fruits/ Gooey Fruits, this was the same. A tart but sweet cherry grape-ish candy flavor. Gummy and oh-so-yummy!

Cream Puff- A sweet vanilla pastry type flavor, they've used this formula in quite a bit of Easter collections through-out the years since, Cake Donut is similar, but this was lighter for sure.